Khewra Cube Salt Lamp



  • Khewra Cube Salt Lamp
  • Export Quality Cord Cable with Bulb
  • Varnished Wooden Base


Stunning Cube Lamp by Khewra Salt Lamps is a treat for eyes. Precisely crafted by our expert artisans, the golden glow of Cube Salt Lamp creates a serene impact in the room. Yellow light stimulates the nervous system and is used as Color and Light therapy. The ambient light of Cube Salt Lamp creates a soothing ambiance that helps with relaxation, stress, attention deficit, autism and sleep disorder. Moreover, the hygroscopic quality of salt purifies air by neutralizing the ions and absorbing EMF rays. A delight for the patients with respiratory issues.

Additional information

Weight 2000-3000 g
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 4 in