Massage Soap(Pack of 06)


  • Natural Scrub
  • Refresh your skin and deducts dead skin<.li>
  • Color : Natural Rock Salt

    • Massage Soap Pack(06 pieces)


Rejuvenate your skin with our Salt Soap Bar. Salt is a wonderful body scrub, while also being terrific for cellulite. It dates back to ancient times and said to be Queen of the Nile’s bathing ritual, which has the property to absorb toxins and rejuvenate the skin by boosting circulation. Salt Soap Bar by Khewra Salt Lamps makes our skin sparkle by exfoliating the dead cells and turning into a smoother, even toned skin.
Natural salt can ease muscular tension, stress and removes joint aches, too. These scrubs help in removing skin itchiness caused by serious skin woes like eczema, athlete’s foot.

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Weight 2000-3000 g