Khewra FireBowl Lamp


  • Unique Table Lamp
  • Helps in Fresh Breathing and Natural Air Purifier<.li>
  • Dimensions: 04(width) x 08(Height) Inches
  • Weight: 3-4 Kg
  • Color : Natural Rock Salt

  • Khewra FireBowl Lamp
  • 1 x Export Quality Cord Cable with Switch
  • 1 x Bulb


Splendid Natural Salt bowl by Khewra Salt Lamp is a beacon of light containing blocks of rock salt illuminating your rooms with the amber glow. Our lamps are hand-carved out of 100% natural salt which helps to clean the environment by neutralizing ions emitting from the electric gadgets. Moreover, our salt lamps are highly recommended for the asthmatic patients to relieve them by clearing the air passage. A prefect glow for your living room, kitchen, patio and wherever you are!