Khewra Salt Cooking Tile


Unique Bar B Q Taste.
Saltish Natural Taste.
Addition in your Bar B Q Taste.
Vintage Bar B Q

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Upgrade your kitchen with our Salt Cooking-Tile and enhance the flavor of food. Salt Cooking Tiles by Khewra Salt Lamps are the natural anti-microbial surfaces, which make healthier and tastier meals. Cooking on a pink salt block adds essentials minerals to your food. Ideal for high heat cooking due to extreme temperature resistance and evenly distributed heat.
In addition, the health benefits of cooking on the Salt Cooking-Tile include improved blood circulation, support of respiratory functions, aids with the stabilizing of blood sugar, while also keeping your body ph in balance. Grab our Salt Cooking-Tile to calibrate your culinary skills! Keep it in your kitchen or take it along for picnic, best partner of your barbecue kit!

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Weight 5 g
Dimensions 12 × 2 × 8 in