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Welcome to our website, we are the Total WordPress theme and we are the leader in the industry. We’re sure that Total WordPress theme will completely change the way you design websites from now on. Creating client sites will be easier and more fun then ever before. Don’t wait, purchase Total today and make your job easier!

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Clean code is extremely important when choosing the theme for your site. Don’t get stuck with a slow and poorly coded theme that no one can fix.

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Every aspect of the theme has been developed to allow for full customization via a child theme. This means less bloat with more extensibility and happier clients.

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Updates are also extremely important to ensure your site is not only ready for the future but also to bring you more and better features. Total is updated constantly!

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We create high quality products each and every time. We pride ourselves and delivering a product that the client will love! Checkout our portfolio to see some of our past and recent works.

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Don’t get stuck in the dark without any help. We offer premium support to all our customers via email and comments.

  • Help with small tweaks
  • Installation assistance
  • Sample data included
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Stop using horrible themes, and get the only theme you’ll ever need!