Considering the fact that Pakistan is well known for its production in cotton, we at Khewra Salt Lamps provide high quality, credible dyeing salt and our top priority is maintaining the low hardness in salt and restoring the fabric color. During the dyeing process, the salt is used in exhaustion of dye into the fabric. Salt plays a vital role there since it acts as the ionic force that transfers that dye onto the fabric. Poor quality salt gives an uneven color exhaustion which lowers the standard of the fabric. The hardness the salt is causing with its addition into the dye-bath is given much importance therefore our top priority is on maintaining the low hardness in saltĀ  and it is not the only factor that impacts the dyeing but the impurities also affect the standard of the dyed fabric or yarn. The grades of dyeing salt start from a hardness of 180 ppm(50 g/l) and goes right down to zero hardness(any g/l) and in between there are 7 other different qualities. Good quality is one of our top concerns and we guarantee our customers that our high quality, credible dyeing salt will not create any issue while using it for dyeing purposes.