The main purpose of the Water Softening Grade of salt, like the name indicates, is to soften the water. Salt consists of ion-exchange resins that help soften the water and make it useable in boilers and various other industrial, residential and commercial applications. With time, the resins exhaust and need to be re-generated using salt brines. The quality of salt plays a vital role here as well, since low quality salt can damage the plant and resins. The water softening technicians also recognize that that poor quality of salt can even plug the valves and pipes other than making the resins being worn-out before its stipulated time. It has also been observed that salt with very high residues of Sulphates have proven to be detrimental for the equipment. Since quality is our top priority, the 5 different grades of water softening salt are guaranteed to work for this application ensuring that Sulphate remains low and resins have a longer life.